Jill Andrew MPP, Toronto–St. Paul's

Government of Ontario

Arts and Culture Open Letter

Open Letter by MPP Jill Andrew


If you are an artist, a cultural worker or part of an arts institution please sign. If you are a creative entrepreneur or business owner who wants to see culture not fall through the cracks please sign.

If you are a simply a person who enjoys arts and culture and wants to join us in our fight to protect it please sign.

Please help us get this message to the media and more importantly to the provincial government.

Please join us in getting this message out. If you are interested in helping please call /email your local MPP to help bring awareness to this cause. There is strength in numbers and our time is now!

Please only sign once. The letter and full list of signatures will be sent to the offices of the Premier of Ontario and the Hon. Minister Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries.

It will also be posted publicly and released to the media with signatories. It may also be published, or posted online on a website.


Hon. Premier Doug Ford
Premier's Office
Room 281
Legislative Building, Queen's Park
Toronto, ON M7A 1A1

Hon. Minister Lisa MacLeod
Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries
438 University Avenue, 6th Floor
Toronto, ON M5G 2K8

May 15, 2020

Greetings Premier Doug Ford and Hon. Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries,

We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy as possible during this difficult time.

On May 11, 2020 the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture led by Hon. Minister MacLeod hosted a last minute technical briefing zoom meeting. There were over 70 people in attendance on the call including MPPs and staff. Of the 45 minutes scheduled, 7 minutes at the end were provided for us as MPPs to bring the voices of our communities to the forefront. This was insufficient.

Today we are writing you on behalf of the many artists, cultural workers, gig economy workers and arts administrators we represent in our Toronto ridings. We are writing on behalf of the countless grassroots, small and medium-sized community arts organizations, collectives, charities and non-profits representing invaluable diverse neighbourhood cultures, languages and identities we are each so honoured to represent. Artists tell the stories of our communities – they are the story. Our cultural institutions are vehicles for social and economic justice and they embody the power of representation. Creatives amplify local challenges, broaden community conversations and champion solutions through the arts. Through culture, voices that have historically been marginalized – especially Indigenous, Black and racialized, women-identified, Deaf, disabled and LGBTQ2S+ are not only seen but they are heard.

Our local artists and arts organizations have struggled long before COVID-19 for the respect, recognition and real, sustainable funding from your provincial government they deserve. Arts organizations big and small, artists, writers, musicians, comedians, thespians, filmmakers, television producers and production crews, collectives, fashion designers and local sewists have generously given of their talents during this difficult time through free online concerts, public readings, film screenings and festivals, theatre, sharing of visual arts and creative communities stepping up and creating non-medical home-made PPE. Our arts communities have shown us consistently who they are and have been there helping comfort and connect Ontarians across our province throughout this difficult time. It’s time your government had their backs too.

For example, the decision of your government last year to slash the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) budget by $10 million with unforeseen cuts on the way was unimaginable and has left an indelible mark on arts communities across Ontario especially those represented by OAC-identified priority groups: artists of colour, Deaf artists and artists with disabilities, Francophone artists, Indigenous artists, new generation artists (16-30 years old) and artists living in regions outside of Toronto. Adding insult to injury, your government ended the Indigenous Culture Fund a direct response to the Truth & Reconciliation Calls to Action, slashed the Ontario Music Fund by over fifty percent, slashed millions from Celebrate Ontario which meant 71 fewer tourism and arts festivals received grants and you also ripped funding from Ontario Library Service-North and Southern Ontario Library Service programs. Needless to say a lot of damage was done last year, it impacted many lives and livelihoods and continues to.

We are now all trying to navigate through COVID-19 – a pandemic exposing the very inequities all too many of our community members experience routinely.

Our arts and culture communities have been suffering and they need DIRECT SUPPORT now more than ever from their Ontario provincial government. According to Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts, there is an estimated $500 million dollar estimated total loss of arts revenue by June alone and that number will continue to increase without your support. Artisans, cultural workers and arts organization – especially those serving predominantly racialized, lower-income, disabled and LGBTQ2S+ communities are especially hurting and in need of direct support from the government. Without support many more will shutter which is a loss for both arts communities and communities fighting for safer community spaces, equity and representation.

As Members of Provincial Government we have worked with and listened to community and they have identified areas where DIRECT SUPPORT is critical in order for our arts communities to not only ‘respond’ to COVID-19 but RECOVER from it. Artists, cultural workers and community-based arts organizations must be at the COVID-19 recovery table. Their voices must be heard.

Today, Premier Ford and Hon. Minister MacLeod may this Open Letter serve as your final notice. Our community members need your support today. They need a transparent and publicly accountable plan that demonstrates your commitment to them not as a ‘frill’ or an afterthought but as vital, contributing members, integral to what makes Ontario who we are and a formidable contributor to our economy. It is not enough for your government to engage large multi-million dollar cultural institutions in silos. Small and medium arts voices must also be heard.

On behalf of Toronto, home to more than twice as many artists and cultural workers as any other Canadian city, we write you with the DIRECT ASKS of our arts communities.

Premier Ford and Hon. Minister MacLeod these are some of the ASKS for DIRECT SUPPORT coming from arts communities:

• Provide direct provincial support to our arts community. According to many in our arts communities funding programs announced so far by the federal government though welcomed have either been insufficient or applicants are not eligible. Many in our community are still awaiting transparent, detailed and direct information with regards to how the federal $500 million COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund for Cultural, Heritage and Sports Organizations will aid Ontario specifically.

• Invest in stimulus funding for digital transition plans to assist festivals currently in season so they can proceed online. They also need stabilization funding for the creation and execution of strategic marketing plans to reengage our culture sector audiences post COVID-19. Additionally, an ethnic media stabilization fund will assist our ethnic, community, and multilingual media producers which our culture sector depends on to reach our diverse audiences

• Raise your voices to your federal counterparts. Our arts communities need government to allow donations made in the 2020 tax year to apply to the 2019 tax season enabling organizations to enhance their donations during this critical period

• Reverse funding cuts to the Ontario Arts Council and increase funding to meet the exacerbated needs of arts communities. Maintain necessary resources to Celebrate Ontario and Ontario Summer Experience Program (with timely updates on OSEP based on ongoing COVID-19 physical distancing protocols)

• Restore and fund the Indigenous Culture Fund

• Reverse funding cuts to the Ontario Music Fund

• Invest in the creation of an Ontario Digital Public Library

• Increase Ontario minimum wage to benefit artists, gig-economy workers and to enhance consumer support of culture.

• Ensure strong film and television production companies by ensuring that those who created jobs and investment in Ontario by shooting here, will receive their tax credits in a timely manner, whether or not they are able to complete their productions. This will require waivers to some of the eligibility requirements for the tax credits and direction from Ontario to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that costs associated with production shut-downs and longer-than-normal carrying costs are eligible for the tax credit.

• Arts community is asking your government to recognize the significance of grant applications already in the pipeline (Ontario Arts Council, Celebrate Ontario, Ontario Summer Experience Program, Ontario Creates, OTF, etc.). These grants were already vital to arts organizations' budgets before COVID-19 hit, and they've only become more crucial for survival this year.

• Artists and arts organizations need to receive grant application results as soon as possible. Community must be made aware of new granting opportunities as soon as possible. There are TOO MANY outstanding grant applications and applicants need to receive decisions immediately

• Arts communities need your government to recognize the significant impact that the current state of the private sector market is having on our usual revenue sources. Additional emergency grants should be considered for arts organizations and non-profits to help make up for the lack of funding available in the private sector (sponsorship and donations) this year.

• Legislate residential and commercial rent and mortgage relief. Legislate rent control, rent/mortgage freezes and the banning of evictions and rent increases both during this pandemic and the uncertain times ahead as Ontario recovers

• Many Live Entertainment Industry workers (technicians, artisans and crafts persons in the entertainment industry including live theatre, motion picture, television production and trade shows) are cobbling several jobs together to make a livable wage. This is not sustainable and requires immediate provincial government support. While they wait to be seen by this government they like many others in our culture sector are struggling to cover basic expenses such as rent, medical prescriptions and food.

• Acknowledge fashion communities ongoing call to government to recognize our fashion and textile industries as part of the culture sector and fund it as such. Our significant lack of local, provincial, national manufacturers has resulted in our governments relying heavily on PPE manufacturing offshore.

• Arts organizations need more clarity around ‘Ontario Live’ and how/if this program will benefit them

• Fund seniors’ arts programs. Previous programs such as the Engaging Seniors through the Arts Program recognized the immense value of the arts to senior health, wellness and connectivity. Our seniors are some of the hardest hit by COVID-19

• Re-launch the Ontario Arts Endowment Program which matched private sector donations with government funding. Some stakeholders have reported more than a 50% loss in private sector funding over this time last year. They are asking for fast-flowing emergency grants to help them get by

• The Community Museum Operating Grant (CMOG) has not been increased in over 10 years resulting in under-funded cultural institutions unable to compete with modern technologies and accessibility needs of diverse visitors. Funding must mirror inflation and the costs of current operational needs. Our museum communities report significant difficulties engaging with the Grants Ontario Portal.

We know these asks are significant, but the challenges this sector faces are enormous. We urge you again to listen to the voices of artists and the creative sector, and take urgent action.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this issue.


Dr. Jill Andrew, PhD
MPP Toronto-St. Paul’s

Signed By:

Ryan Reynolds, Actor, Writer, Producer Maximum Effort Productions
Jessica Bell, MPP for University-Rosedale
Marit Stiles, MPP for Davenport
Peter Tabuns, MPP for Toronto-Danforth
Rima Berns-McGown, MPP for Beaches-East York
Chris Glover, MPP for Spadina-Fort York
Doly Begum, MPP for Scarborough Southwest
Faisal Hassan, MPP for York South-Weston
Bhutila Karpoche, MPP for Parkdale-High Park
Tom Rakocevic, MPP for Humber River-Black Creek
Suze Morrison, MPP for Toronto Centre
Catherine Fife, MPP for Waterloo
Jamie West, MPP for Sudbury
Michael Mantha, MPP for Algoma-Manitoulin
Venessa Douse, Supporter
Sharine Taylor, Writer and editor
Spencer Julien FRSA, Co-Founder, Hektor Projects
Dr Margaret Schotte, Assoc. Professor of History, York University
Samantha Keuger, Torontonian who loves arts and culture and does not want to see it decay
Gillian Kranias, Partnerships with community arts organizations
Beverley Eadie, I enjoy arts and culture.
Mary Pedersen, Tv writer, consumer, fan
Sebastián Mendoza-Price, Arts and cultural worker
Kate Johnston, Filmmaker/ theatre writer/director
Cheryll Case, Patron of the arts
Emilie Aubin, stage manager for theatre
Shayna Sayers-Wolfe, Supporter
Nila Gupta, Published Writer
Julia Horel, Publisher, Shameless
Justin Antheunis, President of IATSE Local 58
Alexis Dawson, Consumer
Aaron, Student
AL James, Music
Joy Henderson, Afro-Indigenous writer
Muirgheal Losroy, Comedian. Writer
Dexter Sloam, i am a Drag Queen
Nadine Wiltshire
Simon McNabb
Zee Thompson, Musician, film maker, song writer
Gini Dickie, Supporter
Andy Wang
Tara Aiello, University student studying arts & supporter of arts in the communities such as plays
Winston Neutel
Lester Brown, Consumer
Donna Hager, Supporter
Janice Roberts, Director, Indigo Design
Dorianne Emmerton, I am a fiction writer (with a day job) and am on the organizing committee for the Brockton Writers Series and the Bi+ Arts Festival.
Marni Binder, Associate Professor and supporter
Jessica Greenberg, I am theatre artist in Ontario
Raquel Aurini, I'm an visual artist.
Jason Cole, Provincial VP-Toronto Centre NDP, Church Wellesley Village Resident
Liam Skinner, Supporter and community member
Kyren Lane, Great Lakes concert band and music class
Zach Sommers
Alyssa Mattrasingh, Fan, participant, ethnic-cultural-and racial minority
Dianna K. Goneau Inkster, trained as a librarian, trained as an elementary school teacher, experience as a public and school librarian, instructor of students in a community college ECE programme, mother of 2 young children, etc.
Rodney Diverlus, Artist, Wildseed Centre for Arts & Activism-Board of Directors
Matt McGeachy, Theatre artist
Shelli Cassidy-McIntosh, Gallery Director
Carole Paul , Trombonist Composer Arranger
B. Ross Ashley, A singer and volunteer in Common Thread: Community Chorus of Toronto
Susan Roper, I am a patron of the arts here in Scarborough & in Toronto. I have theatre subscriptions to several different theatres as do my children, I take my grandchildren to the Nutcracker & the pantomime every Christmas and several times during the year when it is something age appropriate. We also visit the AGO, ROM, Science Centre, Toronto Zoo on a regular basis. Arts & Culture are extremely important to everyone especially the school child who might never go unless on a school trip. how else would people learn about their country;s history, their own cultures history, world history. Please dont cut arts & culture
Tony Rein, Actor, Director, Playwright
Natasha Rodriguez, Arts advocate/teacher
James Arruda, I love the arts!
Deborah Stewardson, Supporter of the ARTs
Carly Shiff, Artist, Gallery employee
Dedra McDermott, Artist (Dancer and Actress), Arts Researcher
margaret chown, Visual Artist
Dennis Quesnel, Arts & culture is what is helping all of us get through COVID-19.
Brenda MacIntyre, Artist and Indigenous Wisdomkeeper
Joie Lamar, Goddess Day Arts Festival BOD, author, film writer and artist
Numila Alvarez, Friends
Allie Futterer, I’m a writer and my mum is a published author
Rachel Butler,
Doug Jones
Maureen Da Silva, Artist, Studio Manager for The inPrint Collective
Thomas Dobronyi, Dancer, choreographer
Oliver Pauk, Founder of Akin (www.Akin.art)
Alan Barstow, Creative arts lover
Andrew Williamson, Producer, Photographer, Art gallery owner (forced to close because of Covid)
Jing Bian, Aspiring producer
Stévia Arthur
Brittney Vandersel, I work in professional theatre
Phoebe Hu, Multidisciplinary immigrant artist
Shay Erlich, Co-Founder, The Cyborg Circus Project
Bev Katz Rosenbaum, Author and Editor
Barry Lipton, Former stage manager, weaver, and carnival artist
Glenn Novak, Artist, photography instructor
Kim Multiple, performung arts friends
Kenneth Baker, Performer (Opera, Stage, Film, and TV)
Andrea Atherley, Audience member
Kendra Baker, Patron and Performer
Carrie Perreault, Artist
Gabriel Thibault, Podcaster The young queer & crip podcast
Annis Karpenko, MFA Arts Administrator and Artist
Joanne Vannicola, Author, actor, founder of Youth Out Loud, chair of outACTRAto
Pauline Zvejnieks, Writer, Supporter of arts and culture
Jennifer McNeely, Publisher & Arts Supporter Shedoesthecity.com Inc.
Christopher Fowler, Actor, Arts Educator
Alex Mlynek, Writer and editor
Shelley Savor, Artist
Sarah Sahagian, I’m a writer and podcaster Freelance
Anyika Mark, I am an actor and playwright
Shazia Hussain, Consumer, supporter of diverse representation in arts and culture, member of diverse communities
Tiffany N
Leslie Page, Arts Administrator
Ardene Shapiro, Singer-Songwriter
K. Dani De Angelis, Community-engaged artist
Patti Gray, Patron Toronto Blues Society
melissa jones
Dr. Shawn Newman, Research & Impact Manager Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation
Gail Elsligar, My friend’s son is studying at Canada’s National Ballet National Ballet of Canada
Geoff Doner, I’m an artist, composer, musician and cofounder of arts organization Bureau Of Power And Light. I also work as a AV technician and Events Supervisor Cofounder of Bureau Of Power And Light
Amanda Buschau, Supporter of the Arts
Mary-Ellen Rayner
Roberta Lamb, Assoc. Professor (retired), Dan School of Drama & Music, Queen's University
Storm Jackson, Dancer, musician, singer, writer
Lawrence Axmith, Teacher, Camp Director, Theatre Producer/Creator
Elizabeth Brunton, Artist Self employed
Elspeth Thomson, Musician Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra
Linda Gallant, Musician, actor, educator, consumer
Kais Padamshi, OCADU Alumni, Poet and Visual Artist
Brandon Scatterty
Karen Tzventarny, Artist
Allison Besenski, Pottery Potters guild
Susan Park, Artist
Dianna Gunn, Author, artist, actress
Sarah Kolasky, Actor and Filmmaker
Dylan McDermid
Clare Devlin
Cailin Stadnyk, Self-employed actor, singer, dancer. Lost my long term contract (Come From Away - Mirvish Prods.) due to COVID-19 Equity, ACTRA
Tamara Bernstein, Artistic Director of concert series; music journalist; regular audience member and donor
Rami Schandall, I am an interdisciplinary artist: poet, writer and multi-media visual artist. Rami Schandall
Sidney Coles, Supporter - multiple memberships and seasons tickets
Manu S-M, Social Worker/McMaster University
Tina Legris, Tattoo Artist Puedmag Inkpire
Kyra Jones, Supporter of the arts
Kristian Truelsen, Actor, composer, writer Ghost Balloon
Shauna Harris, patron Personal
Heidi Langr, Musician/Instructor
Anna Ferrante, Gardens, Permanculture, Food Terra Nuova
Kathy Friedman, Writer, Community Arts Worker
Samuel La France, Executive Director, Images Festival
Jane Deluzio, Arts educator President CODE (Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators)
Amanda Lindenbach, Artist & Cultural Worker
Barbara Audience
David Udayasekaran, Activist and educator
Irwin Elman, Supporter of Youth Arts
Doug Knott, Retired teacher.
Liisa North, Appreciative patron York University
Elyssa Marks, Enjoy going to all arts and culture events. A volunteer at TJFF, TIFF, Hotdocs
Marika Viger, A consumer of art, a relative and neighbour of artists
Debbie Wolgelerenter
Howard Buckstein, I am a singer-songwriter. Howard Buckstein
Jordyn Samuels, Actor
Susan Haney, Consumer
Olivia Sementsova, Visual Artist and Motion Picture Costumer NABET 700
Matias Recharte, Musician, music educator Kuné - Canada's Global Orchestra
Mary Anne, Waterhouse-Currie FIlm & TV Industry Quadrant Motion Pictures Inc.
Brydon Gombay, Lover of all the arts Community psychologist
Catherine Bush, Novelist, Creative Writing Professor Coordinator, University of Guelph Creative Writing MFA
Lucy Rupert, dancer and choreographer Blue Ceiling dance and freelance
Laura Jones, Professional musician (‘cellist) Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra
Paulina Drohomyrecky, Dancer
Ren Tashiro I love creativity, art and music, and feel especially grateful during this crisis
Reva Marin author
Cristina Zacharias Musician
Allison Cummings Independent Performing Artist
Ashley Ballantyne Theatre goer + supporter, live music + performing arts publicity Sr. Director, Communications, Universal Music Canada
Candice Irwin Dance Artist
Oriah Wiersma Dance artist Free lance
Jenny Meya I am an artist entrepreneur
Sara Valade
Jennie Robinson Faber Arts worker Executive Director, Dames Making Games
Michelle Grosso Motion Picture Technician IATSE 873
Elliot Salmons Our company specializes in live dance events C.O.O. DanceBUG
Judith Ginsberg My children both work in the arts. I am a patron and lover of the arts and cultural sector. Arts and culture enhance our qiality of life and increase the overall well-being of both ondividuals and communities Librarian Emerita, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
Susan Anthony Arts education advocate .and appreciator . Retired Early Childhood Educator
Greg Woodbury Arts Administrator/Media Artist Operations Manager, Charles Street Video
Sara Porter Choreographer Sara Porter
Corynne Bisson A dancer and choreographer who has called Toronto home for over five years. Co-founder of Gal Pal Productions, Host of ‘Being an Artist is F**king Killing Me’
Natalie Rizzo Visual Artist
Yessica Rostan Musician, Writer, Youth Arts Educator www.shessisandu.com
Cailin Stadnyk Self-employed actor, singer, dancer. Lost my long term contract (Come From Away - Mirvish Prods.) due to COVID-19 Equity, ACTRA
Stan Krzyzanowski Artist, OCA Alum Associate Professor OCAD University
Sheila Stewart poet Writing Studies Faculty, University of Toronto
Anushe R Supporter of the arts Civil Servant
Brent Haynes Song Writer Founding member, Evolutionary Music Co-operative
Wendy Pappas Just a person who enjoys arts and culture Ms.
Jennifer Thompson Art School Founder CEO, Create Art Studio
Henry Faber Community and equitable space developer and digital media producer Gamma Space Collaborative Studio / TMAC
Alice Freitas Absolutely love the arts Teacher
Gilda Whyne Supporter
Lisa Shamata Film publicist Freelance
Cynthia Hawkins choral singer, volunteer board member, arts worker Immediate Past Executive Director, Toronto Mendelssohn Choir
Liz Johnston Writer & Editor
Nicholas Miceli storyteller, arts administrator Storytelling Toronto, Common Thread Community Chorus
David Plant Executive Director Trinity Square Video
David DePoe Singer songwriter
Veronica Roy Arts administrator and performing artist General Manager, House of Paint Festival of Urban Arts and Culture
Michael Grimaldi Admire
Linda Heron Volunteer at the Textile Museum of Canada, textile artist Mrs.
Luciano Iogna Theatre Creator Mr. Luciano Iogna
Kristine Mifsud Artist
Daphne Simone Educator, Sheridan College (Faculty of Arts) Creative Producer/Director
Nicole Faull Independent dancer, choreographer, and producer
Nyasha Sharpe Supporter if the Arts
leZlie. lee kam Story teller & queer youth/elders project @ Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Out of the CLOSET - workshop facilitator
Gwen Deegan Graphic designer Blue Planet Design Inc.
Jules VanDerMeer Photography and supporter of all arts
Jameson Kraemer Actor
Grant Oyston Director, Revue Film Society
Dieter Misgeld universitprofessor/retired:in humanities/socialstudies University of Toronto faculty Association/Professor emeritus
Chanti Laliberte Freelance Head of Wardrobe & Craftsperson for Theatre & Film Stratford Festival Wardrobe
Ryan G. Hinds Theatre Artist Associate Artist, lemonTree creations
Jennifer Wöhrle Artist and patron
Jeffrey Canton Children’s Book Columnist for The Globe and Mail and Storyteller Children’s Book Columnist for The Globe and Mail
Rita Thes Supporter/lover of the arts which bring joy in our lives York University
Paula Coop McCrory Visual Artist
BumbleBrie Bourn
BumbleBrie Bourn
Elizabeth Aubin Supporter
Gunta Dreifelds Surtitles SURTITLES tm
Alice Freitas Absolutely love the arts Teacher
Cara Lee Malen Supporter of the Arts Cara Lee Malen
Mary Hickman
Hannah Student / Woodworking and Craftsmanship enthusiast, daughter of a play write, sister of a musician
Sabrina Sawyer Work with Educators and students to connect with arts and culture Indigenous Education Lead-Teacher Consultant Grand Erie
Isabelle Crisante Photographer, videographer, blogger culture enthusiast Pro Support Specialist SNA
Lauren Collins Actor, writer and producer
Pia Bouman dancer, choreographer and teacher Founder (1979) and Artistic Director of Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement, a caritable not for profit school that stands behind the belief that arts education and learning is a cultural right for everyone, the School, located on Sterling Road, has been for many years a cultural hub, and is one of the grassroots organizations important to sustain, promote and celebrate the arts.
Estelle Berry I have many artist friends and love the arts.
Mark Trifunovic I am a filmmaker and freelance film technician in film, TV and commercials Writer / Director / Props Assistant / Set Dresser
Eufemia Fantetti writer and instructor
R. Tobias Subscriber, theatres, ago member
Fiona Thistle Musician/Arts Administrator
Jim Christiansen
Kristin Malcolm participant Kristin Malcolm
JoAnne Formanek Gustafson Teacher; Vice President ETFO Rainy River OT Local
Jane Anne Gibson Music drama dance teacher Peel District School Board
Kathy Rogers-Hartley Photographer Self employed
Peter Alan jones former dancer, artist , craftsman the japanese paper place
Troy Jackson Performer, Writer Supreme Tamu
Serena Finlayson Dance artist and choreographer
Sonny Ong VFX Senior Asset Artist
Nicole Nedescu Teacher PDSB
Barb Orchard Friends whom bring their talents to students Personal Support Worker
Steven Sladkowski Guitarist (PUP) & Music Educator PUPTHEBAND
Jonathon Howe Radio host and Musician Jr. Announcer, 97.7 HTZ FM, Bell Media
Bridget Hough Supporter of the arts, retired artist, mother of a painter and an actor
Rachel Barreca Performer, Patron, Volunteer
April Martin Artist
Dennis Punter Organist, Pianist and Choral Director United Church of Canada
Scott Miller Berry filmmaker and cultural worker Workman Arts
Margaret van Stekelenburg Choir member
Howard Buckstein I am a singer-songwriter. Howard Buckstein
Jo-Anne Lennard I am a fabric artist and photographer with a day job and a supporter of the arts.
V.e.Smith SINGER .
Donald K McKay Singer and Board Member - The Upper Canada Choristers
V.E. SMITH A long time singer aand supporter of Pax Christi choral and others
Bridgette Anderson Singer | Songwriter | Stagediver B.A.B.E
Josephine Guan Freelance Designer
Louise Lemaitre Arts teacher in elementary school Viamonde
josephine grey am a daughter, wife and mother of artists, and a human rights defender who stands for the right to benefit from the creation of culture (article 15 UNESCR) the arts are crucial to our quality of life, mental health, economy and evolution. I have seen too many great artists (like my those in my family) struggle and suffer because they are artists by nature. some died early and poor as a result. This has to change - now-including setting up a basic income guarantee so we can all access and benefit from the arts. Co-Founder Director LIFT Toronto
Alvaro Cruz Illustrator/Cartoonist
Gayle Kosola Arts & culture make the world go round. Ms.
Fjóla Evans composer
Cecil King Patron
Reg McQuaid Consumer
Shelley Le Sarge Music Specialist / Teacher Peel District School Board
Ellen Fielding Independent artist + art supporter Ellen Fielding
JamesMcCrimmon I am in the animation industry and support the arts.
Candi Zell actor
sallie lyons practitioner, teacher self employed theatre, dance, and yoga
Lorna Jones Arts educator
Anja Sagan I am an Artist, author and filmmaker Miraclewalker Productions, Director/CEO
Nadia Yau
Suz Johnston Film Costume Supervisor
Patty Jarvis Arts educator, arts admininstrator and advocate Canadian Opera Company, Studio 180 Theatre, Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement in Ontario
Lana Filippone Full time visual artist, sculpture.
Svetlana Lilova Supporter
Carly Shiff Artist, Gallery employee
Hugh Pattison citizen n/a
Lorna Jones Arts educator
Sue Brown Music and drama teacher; wife of actor-musician; I LOVE the Arts!
Una Verdandi I am an author, editor, and visual artist Editor and Proprietor, Quills and Queries Editing
Debra Black Visual Artist/Instructor Debra Black Studio
Jeremy Saya Artist, Arts Worker Images Festival
Lisa Quaning Dancer
Elaine Brodie Artist and Arts Professor
Brenda Darling Arts Producer & Theatre Director Alumnae Theatre Company
Jessica Butler Singer and arts enthusiast
Hayley Steinhart Artist & Musician Workman Arts
Barbora Raceviciute Cultural worker Operations Director - Images Festvail
Jennifer DePoe Graduate of the Technical Theatre program at Ryerson University. Founder of Sad Dyke Poetry Night. Supporter of the Arts.
Talisa Blackman Musician
Alice Freitas Absolutely love the arts Teacher
Aaditya Aggarwal Writer/Programmer/Cultural Worker Images Festival
Lorraine Cramp costume design
Terrill Maguire Choreographer/dancer/arts educator
Lori Campbell I am Indigenous. I also fight for social justice & the arts are a very powerful medium that capture justice issues. Director Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre
Jovana Budisin Art lover
Shani K Parsons Curator, Writer, Designer, Artist, Arts Administrator Founding Director / Critical Distance Centre for Curators
Anna Chatterton Two-time Governor General's Award for Drama Nominee Playwright Playwright
Melina Arseneault High school teacher, supporter
Angela Britto Regent Park Film Festival Executive Director
Rabiya Mansoor Theatre Artist / Sketch Comedian
Galya I love theater, arts & culture crucial for mental health Chatterton Counselling
Cedric Martin Artistic Producer/Director Theatre of the Beat
Carys Lewis Writer, Director Freelancer
Mike Gibbons Musician
Robin Harvey writer
Jess Cimò PR and Marketing Coordinator, Freelance Arts Marketer, Performance Artist Harbourfront Centre
Eleanor Johnston Amateur creator, teacher, consumer
Justin and Clara Speer
Joline Squires Supporter
Zana Kozomora Artist and cultural worker
Paddy Gillard-Bentley Artistic Director & Playwright Flush Ink Productions
John Dibben Actor, writer, director. Theatre goer.
Dr. Alex Kanarek Community Theatre Actor, Guelph Little Theatre, Elora Community Theatre
Jason Samilski Managing Director, CARFAC Ontario
Maegen Black National Arts Service Organisation Arts Administrator Director, Canadian Crafts Federation
Lauren Howes Culture Worker, Art and Culture enthusiast, tax payer, voter. Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
Efrat Gold PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Barbara Gilbert Artistic & Executive Director Le Laboratoire 'art - Le Labo Inc.
Evalyn Parry Artistic Director,Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Adriana Rosselli arts wokert General Manager, Guelph Dance
Lee Ramsay Avocational singer, retired music librarian and passionate arts supporter
Eileen Maxwell Arts Supporter
Susan Hill
Claudia Moore Dancer, Teacher, Artistic Director MOonhORsE Dance / Older & Reckless
Randi Helmers actor, singer, visual artist, arts instructor Associate artist, Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy
Joel Lindhorst Actor
jeff perera art inspires the change and healing we need.
Margaret Bardos Mezzo-Soprano
Eileen McLaughlin Community theatre volunteer Elora Community Theatre
Elizabeth Zukorsky audience member - the Arts bring me joy
Christopher Lapointe im a theatrical technician technician/ elora community theater
Ingrid Herbert supporter of the arts
Samara Tower Student theatre technician and dancer Hart House Theatre
Margaret Rovers I am a musician currently not professionally active but it is a passion of mine which is why I have my Bachelors of Music . I also have friends who are professional musicians, and artist in other ways. I am involved in a community theatre company as well and be it the patrons, the actor/actresses, the behind the scene crew, etc. They are all needed and enjoy it. During my years at public school I was involved in the school band from Grade 4 until I graduated. I feel that children in all our public schools should have the opportunity to learn from arts and culture Funding for Art and Culture should not be reduced. Ms. Margaret Rovers
Emily Reid Artistic & Executive Director Toronto Outdoor Picture Show
Linda Markus craft artist n/a
Andrea Elalouf Arts Marketer
Kerry Swanson Arts administrator Indigenous Screen Office
Nicola Simmons, PhD Arts-informed researcher, patron of the arts, parent of theatre professionals, graduate of OCADU Professor
Yolanda Ferrato Arts Manager, Dance & Theatre
Karina Iskandarsjah Curator, Arts Worker, Artist Trinity Square Video
Felan Parker Co-founder and board president Toronto Outdoor Picture Show
Ashley Woods
Jo Jefferson writer
Amanda Lederle Artist
Georgia Cowan
Paul Gagnon Board of Directors Toronto Outdoor Picture Show
Jennifer Walton Visual artist, painter Represented by Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto
E.Hannah Cowan Designer
Celia Popovic Consumer
Adam Kamin Arts worker Director of Development, South Western Int'l Film Festival
Laurie-Shawn Borzovoy Media Artist, Chair of UrbanArts Toronto UrbanArts Toronto
Christine Jackson Teacher Education in the Arts; Arts consultant Sessional Lecturer, OISE and Culture/Shift: Arts for Resilience & Change
Chris Kennedy Filmmaker, Arts Administrator Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto
Zoe Carpenter Senior Production Manager TO Live
Kate Holland Professor of literature University of Toronto
Denise Anderson Musician and performing artist; arts educator and arts administrator Education, Outreach & Accessibility Manager, Mirvish Productions
Marlene McKintosh Arts Administrator Executive Director, UrbanArts
Matthew Kennedy Actor, Writer, Producer, Director
Aviva Fleising Dancer / Arts worker Canadian Dance Assembly
Holly Kirkconnell Theatre
Sandi Girouard Patron
Kristin Cavoukian Musician and university educator
Veronika Pilger Former actor, lover of all things cultural
Donna Flohil The Arts in all forms are essential to the quality of our lives singlely and as a community and society.
David S Craig Theatre artist Founder Theatre Direct, Co-founder Roseneath Theatre.
Vivienne jones Crafts person
Donna Flohil The Arts in all forms are essential to the quality of our lives singlely and as a community and society.
Maryaleen Trafford Supporter of the Arts
Michelle Roy Actress/Writer Actress/Actra Toronto Apprentice Caucus Member-At-Large
Joan Munn
Kari Romaniuk I love the arts!
Luc Montpellier Cinematographer, Film & TV IATSE 667
Asli suna My husband is a musician
Rhea Akler Actor
Mick Brambilla Arts Worker UrbanArts
David Blackmore Development & Communications Coordinator UrbanArts
Rachel Barclay I work for TIFF and sit on the board for TOPS TIFF & TOPS (Toronto Outdoor Picture Show)
Harley Haskett Musician, visual artist and forever lover/supporter of the arts.
Rebecca Vandevelde freelance arts worker in live performance
Lensa Simesso Denga Working in the Arts sector UrbanArts Toronto
Devon Wong Writer
Sarah Mikhaiel
Dean Patrick Drouillard Musician, artist
Hanan Hazime Artist & Arts Instructor
Kiké Roach Educator Unifor Chair SJD at Ryerson
Louise Howlings Arts educator and supporter Teacher, YCDSB
Ian Radburn Theatre technician NASCO Staffing Solutions
Cate McKim Multidisciplinary storyteller, arts blogger/supporter
Dorothy Manuel Artist The RAID Studio
Heather K Dahlstrom Canadian Screen Award Best Motion Picture Nominee Producer The XY Company
Kohen Hammond Composer and recording engineer
Erika Wybourn They enrich my life on a constant basis.
Carole Fischer Visual artist and art teacher-living with a mental health disability
Katarzyna Rukszto
Lara Bulger Arts worker; arts administrator Documentary Organization of Canada
Judy Land Supporter
Allie L Harvey Community arts organization employee ArtReach Program Manager
Rawan Abdelbaki York University/ CUPE 3903
Trevor Schwellnus Theatre Designer and Producer Aluna Theatre
Tony Brutto Supporter and Community Member
Janina Kiersnowski filmmaker / dj / film fest programmer Ekran Toronto's Polish Film Fest and jasiakiersnowski.com
Steven Dragert musician/artist/performer/host
Gurbeen Bhasin We are partners with the Queenwest Art Crawl and also do local artist markets to encourage people to support the arts. Executive Director, Aangen: A Community Service Organization
Ally Nohos Culture worker Community Engagement Manager / Station Gallery
Megan English Dancer/Choreographer/Therapist
David Macleod Music event organizer Promise Events
Jason Coombs Poet
Mike Gibbs DJ/Promoter Box Of Kittens
AB BOLES Dancer A multitude of different venues
Lionel B. Artist-Musician/Producer Bekeliarts
Mike Olivo-Moore A large part of my off work enjoyment comes from music, and visual art exhibits.
Erin K Community arts organizer, writer, storyteller Founder, Stories of Ours; Co-Founder, Dressed in Layers
Jacqui Arntfield Artist + Arts Worker Lakeshore Arts
Matt O'Connor Community Arts Program Coordinator Lakeshore Arts
Thomas Stoneman Program Coordinator Lakeshore Arts
Trisha I am a frequent attendee at many cultural events in the city.
Ben Donoghue Artist/cultural worker Director- Media Arts Network of Ontario
Francesco Corsaro I work in fundraising in culture
Milada Kovacova Cultural Worker, Programmer, Filmmaker Office Manager / Workshop Coordinator
Kiké Roach Educator Unifor Chair SJD at Ryerson
Lucie Pagé Writer, Film and Television Writers Guild of Canada
Daria Essop Volunteer in youth arts organization Street Voices
Sharon Zeiler I enjoy arts and culture concerned citizen
Sylvie Stojanovski Emerging Artist, Creative Facilitator, Community Organizer
Toan Klein artist
Kim-Lee Kho Artist, creative business owner See above
LeZlie. Lee Kam Actor, storyteller Youth/elders project- Buddies
Marcus Peterson Artist
Katherine Bishop Theatergoer, music lover, visual art enthusiast, film buff, reader, patron, artist, writer, mother of an actor and a lighting designer.
Jean Luc Blanchard Supporter and musician
Andrea Nann Artistic Director, Dance artist, choreographer, educator, mentor, community mobilizer Dreamwalker Dance Company
Gordon Doctorow Arts consumer. Ed.D.
Jessica Hines
Terry Bujokas Supporter of the arts and married to a sculptor
Nayani Thiyagarajah Filmmaker, Producer, Working Artist
Vivien Endicott-Douglas Actor ACTRA Toronto & Equity
Lianne Spearman Partner is a musician and visual artist, I am a lover of dance, music, visual art and student of belly dancer
Octavio Contreras Artist/ Gallery Attendant
Kate Stone Professional Musician Stratford Festival
Anjli Patel Lawyer Anjli Patel Professional Corporation
Nicole Little Citizen
Elizabeth Jackson Hall Artist, Painter, Wunderkabinette, Jackson Hall gallery, Art 2B Wunderkabinette, Jackson Hall gallery, Art 2B
Dorit Osher Dance Artist Public Displays of Art
Margaux Daly film/fashion design
Dolly Cepeda Montufar I work in the arts and culture sector Intern / Canada Council for the Arts
Katarina Antunes Collager, crafter, artist, writer
Annemarie Cabri Teaching Artist, Dancer
Ali Berkok Piano Instructor, Doctoral Candidate University of Toronto
Lisa R Supporter of the Arts (visual art, writing, film, music, dance, museums, galleries ...)
Nathaniel Hanula-James Actor Actor/Performer
Robert Biderman Co-founder of large community choir Common Thread Community Chorus
Dorothy Rusoff Consumer and supporter of much culture especially music and theatre Personal...former college professor
Gary Burrows Consumer NA
Jennie Ucar I sing in a choir, attend concerts and theatre events Echo Women's Choir
Jane Wigle Community choir member & loudly clapping audience member Architect, retired
Michael Barkley Consumer
Celia Harte arts lover, modest patron, choir member, theatre volunteer
Isabel Mazzotta Community local artist/facepainter - paid Community local artist/facepainter
Gary Burrows Consumer NA
Kamal Part of a choir Common Thread
Leah Holah Independent Filmmaker
Jennifer Kervin Patron/Friend/Community Member
Stephanie Vorstermans Arts and culture lover and supporter
Betsy Anderson Appreciator
Sarah Rafols A supporter, patron and volunteer of local arts and culture organizations in Toronto
Robin Buyers Community Worker Professor (retired) George Brown Collegae
Mike Douglas Arts service charity Executive Director, Mississauga Arts Council
Bob Luker Supporter Civil Society
Martha Davis Photographer, Filmmaker, Children’s Author Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre; Proprietor, Hedgehog Books
Cassie Cao Artist Comedian
James Phelan Plawright, Actor in Community Theatre; Toronto Irish Players
Kate Chung Mother & Grandmother of musicians, dancers, actors
Barbara Evans Filmmaker Associate Professor, York University
Amanda Sunderdas
Susan Jasper Children's Canadian Literacy Telling Tales
Monica Harhay Board Member and chorister with Jubilate Singers and chorister with Common Thread Community Choir Board Member Jubilate Singers
Dave Clark Musician, Curator & Educator Self Employed
Carole Pope Singer songwriter JunoAward winner Artist
Jena McLean I’m an emerging artist in the theatre scene Playwright
Courtney den Elzen Reader & avid fan of Ontario Theatre, Art, film, and music
Dessa Harhay Contributor and supporter Dessa Harhay Creative
Isabeau Lewis
Hailey den Elzen sewist and student
Arfa Butt
Merna Yousef Artist. Patron.
Dina Catalucci I am a textile artist and love all arts and culture
Desiree James Dancer
Lucia Corak Project Manager & Event Manager
Liam Skinner Supporter and community member
m b
Izzy fadel
Alison pipe infinate the pipeline hamilton
Isabella Srock Actress and performer
Johanna Figueroa
Teresa Wang I am a musician Freelance musician
Nimisha Assudani Female
Angela Howard Supporter/Community Member Student
Chrys Muszka Actor/Performer
Annie Kennedy
Chloe Perelgut Arts and Culture Marketer Innovate By Day
Tasha Supporter, avid art enthusiast
Nicole Andrade Supporter
Concett Masci Educator Toronto Catholic District School Board
Shannon Nocos Graduate of OCADU and new student of the Culinary Arts
Shelby Burnell Employed by it Red Umbrella PR
Nathaniel Brown
Jing I studied architecture and am connected to the arts and culture community through my own work with other creative folks and have many friends working hard in this sector. architectural designer
Chelsea W
Hannah Charnock Retired dancer
Serah Aloysius Writer
Eldiana Begovic Cultural Development Manager Visual Arts Mississauga
Val cabrera
Baandhavi Yallabandi Art student Carleton University
Paula Reid
Nay Choudhary Artshine In A Box Artshine Inc
Emily Jagger Student University of Guelph
Britney-Anne Foster
Laura Honsberger Accounts Manager @ Garment Manufacturer Pigeons & Thread Manufacturing
Genevieve I love art Ecommerce
hayley r
Sabrina Speziale
Idalis Flores
Justine smith Designer 437
Emma Gaudio
Jade Bucci Teacher/Educator
Emma smyth Supporter
Ralph C. Ortega Film and TV producer Independent
Sarah Giandomenico
Ashley KIM
Jerome Samuel The art of Finance and Building healthy habits with money The Connected Box
Ehren Lewis Independent Electronic Musician
Nora Crete A maker! Creatrix! Supporter! Cedar Witch
Indiana Payne Gallery attendant and arts and culture lover
Joshua Valdes None None
Samantha Lee Art student Student
Pablo Maldonado I just enjoy the ways of art and their cultures.
Paige Moore Supporter supporter
Chloe Pretty
Reese Wilkins Supporter
Angelina Greer I’m an artist
aqeelah roberts
Charlotte MacIsaac
Marissa Surtel Photography Photographer
Amelia Ettinger
Katrina Macias None
Rochelle Abramovitch It’s my career and a lot of my friends careers. Social media coordinator
Hannah Dance artist
Jordan van Rassel
Shaylah Peterson
Anastasia Marital Artist and influencer in Fitness and healthcare Teamannieanimale
Julia-Ling Smith
Toni Harley
Stephanie Tzanis street dancer and budding DJ I currently train under Footnotes Academy
Margaux Labossiere Dancer - Emerging Artist Freelance
Grant Duarte Interior Designer
Jürgen Shantz Freelance digital artist None
Kat Lo Lover and consumer of art
David Taller Artist
Werda Tariq
Aprilyn Tompa
Janelle Domingo
Alexis Jeynes
Rebecca Caswell Supporter of the arts and married to a musician Designer
Natasha Emeljanow Supporter of the Arts and Culture Industry N/A
Tristan Lyford Art Director and Advertiser
Laura Serafini Appreciative spectator Independent
Nedda Baba Artist
claire sullivan a young woman i know works with the arts and culture sdctor unknown
Harman Shergill Went as a kid Simon Fraser Student association
Divine Escolano
Kirtan Kadia
Tyler Bangsund Freelance theatre technician Iatse 168
Katherine Carere City of of Toronto Camp Location Coordinator and Playground Leader City of Toronto
Lexy Carnegie
Thalia Fehr
Chelsey Student
Shruthi Rajeswaran
Harinie Soori None Miss
Stevi Newman Love Love
Margarita Soria Freelance dance artist
Alexandra Davis I love to create and often frequent art shows Miss
Mercedes My culture is who I am. I am not going to let that get taken away, again.
Hannah Harrison
Wynne McGee-Harris Went to an arts high school, passionate about the arts student
Charles Eggeling
Stephanie Lalonde Masters in Theatre Studies, elementary drama teacher, director, writer
Tina Wegner
Meghan B
Danya A
Javien Linteau Poet
Nicole Gamm
Andrew Sacchetti Artist Community Platform Co-Founder - Middle Men
Gabriella Kosmidis Actor/Creator
Hien Vo Art Student
Michael Cox Actor/singer/songwriter
Jess Teacher of art and music
Abena Mckenzie Patron of the arts
Andrew Easterling Theatre Student
Annabelle Pare
Jackie Cope Follower
Frances Young Bachelor of Arts in Dance from U of Winnipeg. Artist, dance advocate Artist, danced
Rita kiapway I enjoy the arts/ many family members are artists Behaviour analyst
Lucie Stengs Supporter Dalhousie University
Shaelan Musician
John B Passionate person
Tim Kor Student University of Toronto
callia cavender
Charlotte Mangila Health Care Provider Nurse
Meghan page
Amarjit Kaur
Ingrid I have friends who live near there and I think it’s important.
Morgan Artist
Tony Photographer
Megan School, work, and much more
Danielle Marshall Crafty allure Crafty Allure
Matthew Puzhitsky
Tiffany Lao
Charlotte Stewart-Juby Manage a music school, freelance singer, daughter of a choral director and arts administrator
Shabeen Raveendran Designer ShabeenV
Haylene Supporting others
Abby Sosa Student Ms
Tanya Foster Professional Artist and patron of the arts Tanya Foster Art
Jasmine Choi Illustrator and Fine Artist Jasmine Choi Art
Andani Siala
Chris Trajkovski Cook/Culinary Artist
Amanda Singh Arts Administrator
Liam O’Reilly An artist N/A
Natalie Morning Arts and Culture Enthusiast Learning Strategy
Tanya Cultured Canadian enjoying the Arts
Pauline Do
Ellen Lee
Tamzin Swanepoel
fateeha aftab Member of society Student
Alyssa Ramoutar
Siena Di Felice
Queen Kukoyi I am a Mixed Media Digital Artist. Queen Kukoyi
Natasha Bussoli
Paul Pietrkiewicz Musician
josie nicholson theatre arts student
Christine Fenton
Gicela tangarife Writers Writer
Simon Topa Musician
Catherine margarit Friends And musicians
Patti Field Supporter
Rochelle Newton Supporter of the Arts
Jocelynne Flor Photographer
Jean cerilli Teacher SMCDSB
Lilianne Johanis-Bell Student in the Department of Visual Arts University of Ottawa
Rob Pietrkiewicz
Sarah Coyle Interest
Clemente Grassi Italian drama director SMCS
Michael ManChoi Chow Fine Art Photographer Uptown Gallery Waterloo
Trisha Tolentino I am a Filipino aspiring to be author and I enjoy makng art about my culture, my sexuality, and expressing other parts of my identity. Aspiring author
Rebecca Mangra I’m a writer.
Phillip D. Jakubowski patron of the Arts
Tamara Haberman Appreciate the vital importance of the arts.
Kale Wright
Kailee McArthur Filmmaker
Kurstin wright Arts and culture is apart of life
Jennifer Saundercook Aspiring Mural Artist - Training to be an ( art ) Elementary School teacher Lakehead University
Doug Merriman Director, Event Operations Artscape
Gabriel Gutierrez Artist Member Advisor at Artscape Daniels Launchpad
Claire Leighton Arts Manager Hub Manager, Artscape Youngplace
Lindsay Kwan Creative Writer Communications Manager, Artscape
Meagan Barnes Assistant Manager of Events, Event Venue Toronto Artscape Inc.
John Maize Theatre Director Changeup Theatre
Cathy Tafler Arts lover
Doug Rylett Architect & Arts Supporter
Allison Ouellette Supporter of the Arts
Taghi Abdolhosseini Student Steps Dance Studio
Leah Oates The arts make life more beautiful and meaningful always but especially in this COVID-19 pandemic. Station Independent Projects
Jennifer Dzialoszynski Artsworker Actor
ANNE TAIT movie producer, playwright, novelist, screenwriter ANNE TAIT PRODUCTIONS
Laura gingrich Performing arts and education
Alex Wesson Photographer Alex Wesson Photography
Bradley Vermunt Screenwriter Writer's Guild of Canada
Lynne Cormack Actor
Constance Moore Gardner Writer,Musician, former English teacher
Sasha Ballon artist ms.
Nyiri Karakas Actor and Creator Independent
Sarah Orenstein Actress Elsewhere Productions Inc
Cindy Cnockaert Accommodations Supervisor Stratford Festival
Scott Wentworth actor/director
Robert Bockstael Writer, actor, instructor
Corrine Koslo Actress producer A Case of You
Katherine Smith i work in the sector. Festival Director/Jazz Sudbury
Victoria G. Heart Alexander Technique coach and Arts educator
Joanna McIntyre was a theatre/tv director, presently a donor, consumer owner of a small business
Andrea Marcelino I am an artist Director
Louise Guinand Theatre designer
John Koensgen Theatre Actor, Director, Producer and a Performing Artist in film and television
Laurie Koensgen Poet, Culture Worker, Educator
Ainsley Woods I am a Fibre Artist WildwoodsFibreArt
Neta Rose Actors & independent theatre producer
Christy Adamson Actor/Singer/Dancer
Karen Hanan BFA
Ivor Simmons Lover and supporter of the arts Committee, Friends of Cedarvale Park
Athena Reich Artist performer Athena Reich - actress and singer/songwriter
Ed Janiszewski The Tollkeeper's Cottage, which Rob Ford helped inaugurate Director, The Communiyt History Project
Stacie DaPonte Photographer & Jewellery designer, avid supporter of local live music & indie comics Tablö Creative
Nicolas Di Lollo Former Co-Executive Producer for T.O. Webfest Secretary, Uni-Rose Federal Riding Association
Julie Matheson Performance Studies PhD Student
Marc J. Blouin Freelance classical musician
Abaigeal Clark Concert, museum, and gallery goer
Margaret Smith Producer/Creator - Theatre, Film, TV Sinking Ship Entertainment
Emma Tiffin Set painter, BA studio art and theatre
Anastasia Coles Photographer and art student at OCADU
Lise Creurer Writer & Editor
barbara Sternberg filmmaker
John Maclennan Photographer and montage artist
Alexandria McDowell
Genevieve Fullan Supporter of the arts
lo bil Artist and PT Faculty at Sheridan College lo bil, independent artist
Jesse Brossoit Arts Worker Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
Stefan Harhay Commercial Art Director
Gordon Yarley Actor Independent
Michelle Stelter Handweaver and supporter of music, art and culture
Roberta and Benson lover and supporter of the arts
Bernice Eisenstein artist
Elaine Brindley Patron
Elaine Brindley Patron
Justin and Clara Speer
Petra O'Toole Talent agent, Filmmaker
KIm Puil
Barbara Shore The arts make life rich, beautiful and are integral to our economy. We need to support our artists.
Beverley Shukyn Artist
Divy Puvimanasinghe Young artist Student
Anne G Designer At Random Designs
Emily Pettet Theatre and dance artist in Toronto
Kimani Peter Arts entrepreneurs Founder/LOUD.army
Stephanie Agosta Patron, enjoyer
Candice Irwin Artist Self employed
Emma Kerson dancer
Gwendolyn Mitchell Emerging dance artist
Fernanda Souza Performance Production Student
Victoria Alton I am a visual artist in the city of Toronto. I have also worked in photography and hold a diploma in digital photography. Visual Artist ³
lilly turmel artist/did musical theatre
Jessica Laforet Photography
Samadhi Mora Severino My parents
Anika Peter
Amanda Wand Visual Artist
Jessica OReilly Educator
Nicole Pulsinelli Voter
Peter Mahoney Shitty musician; slightly better DJ Darkness Forever/Gelato Fun/Holy Spirit
Ben Wood Community arts facilitator/musician, Sketch Working Arts, MNJCC and various organizations
Pauline Wei I am an actor and a citizen of Toronto, a city that thrives on arts and culture. Performing arts
Christabel Homewood Art collector and avid theatregoer
Emma Letki Past dancer Student
Alyssa Ginsburg Toronto Poetry Project
Sanchia Saha I am a marketer who works frequently with the arts & culture community Marketing professional
Cerys Williams
Michele LaPointe
Melissa Arruda Visual artist
Stefanie Schopen Supporter of Arts
Hannah Stevenson Supporter
Rochelle Stultz Arts Educator, Dancer, Actress, Performer Head of the Arts Department, Dance Teacher, Independent
Raquel Aurini I'm a painter.
Emma Westray Theatre Producer and Administrator Broadleaf Theatre & Paprika Festival
Laura Findlay Visual Artist
Evalyn Parry arts worker Artistic Director, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Patrick Mullen Film critic
Marisa Vest Stage Manager - Cirque du Soleil (Dralion, Quidam, Toruk, Crystal, Axel)
Caroline Bell Actor/Creator/Writer/Improviser - lover and performer of the arts
Blair Martin Fine Artist & Musician Independent
Louise Baldacchino Teacher TDSB
Hollie Stewart Siblings are a musician / music teacher and a filmmaker/actor. My husband is a choral director. My daughter is an opera singer and admin in a music school and my son is a drummer. We have all devoted time, energy and money in support of the arts and reaped benefits 10 times over. We all believe the arts is the only area in which every aspect of our lives stands a chance of being reflected, no matter our age, station, beliefs, fears, strengths...
Alex Paxton-Beesley Artist and Actor ACTRA Toronto & Equity
Dustyn Wales Artist Equity Stage Manager
Candice Sand Singer, Songwriter, and Recording Artist
Ulrika Englund Dancer, Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Performer Dance teacher The Guelph Academy of Dance
Karen Short My eldest daughter is a dancer working on her BFA (Dance) at SFU.
Tania Ferreira Dance School Owner Elite Dance Corps
Cecile Thomas Dance teacher - dance studio owner Citrus Dance Inc
Christine Pereira My daughters dance and all they want is to be back in their studio!
MaryAnne Bernardo Part time poet
Samantha Selihar Dance Educator and dance store owner President, FreeStyle Dancewear
Melissa So Owner and Director of a Dance Studio So Dance Studios
Rita Pereira Both my daughters are in dance
Aidan Desalaiz I’m an actor Stratford Shakespeare Festival 2020
Sonia Bianchi Daughter is a dancer and I love art Intervenor for individuals with deafblindness
Wally R Selihar Grandchildren who dance Retired Secondary School Principal
Billy Lake Actor
Fil simoes manes Daughter dance insructer Freestyle dance wear store guelph
Aimee Vapsva Dance Studio Owner, Dance Teacher, Choreographer
Ashley McKenzie-Barnes Curator and Creative Director CCO/Ashley McKenzie-Barnes INC.
Juro Kim Feliz Composer, singer-songwriter, music educator, writer
Emily Williams Dancer, dance teacher/choreographer, BFA dance student at York University
Senaa Ahmad
Hilary Selihar I am a teacher and the arts is so important to students! Teacher
Logan Wilson My husband and I are both self employed creatives. Clothing designer/producer and shoemaker
Laurie C place of employment and theatregoer Facility Manager
Michael Healey Playwright
Umbereen Inayet Artistic Producer
Deanne Moser Art consultant Deanne Moser
Damien Nelson Comedy Want and Able Arts Consulting
Liz Crawford Designer
Monique Dance teacher, parent of an artist Etobicoke school for the Arts- Toronto Interplay Dance Toronto
Meghan Young I’m a curator and facilitator. Media/Curator/Facilitator
Angela Frawley Teacher TDSB
Meghan Young I’m a curator and facilitator. Media/Curator/Facilitator
Dorian Pearce Dance Instructor, Sound & Lighting Technician for Live Events, Events Producer Owner at Dpearceproductions
Anita Abbasi Artist - Filmmaker Writer/Director
Stephanie Hart I work in the Arts & Culture industry Audience Services & Volunteer Coordinator
Miranda Vardon Admin worker at City cultural centres City of Toronto Culture division
Mark Lavell Film and theatre props/sets/ paint person Props build
Umbereen Inayet Artistic Producer
Brinean Crews
Christina Mandel
Shannon Joy Kosman Writer and supporter of the arts
Olivia H
Brianna Chapman Supporter
Kathryn Herron I have been visiting Stratford Festival and assorted arts and culture events since I started high school and recently graduated from Carleton University’s English program with a Concentration in Creative Writing and a Minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies. I am looking to apply for a Master’s program in Arts Leadership and Culture Management. The decisions you make today will directly impact my future. Graduate - Carleton U
Chloe Ho Arts and Culture literally make up everyday of my life whether it’s through consumption of television shows, music, movies, books, website design, graphic design, etc. or through learning dance, instruments, tech art, etc.
Chelsea takalo Arts education Tdsb
Holly McNea Consumer
Amelia Klatzke My dad is an award winning painter, sculptor, and woodcarver, and my husband is an author
Lauren Hodgson
Annie Gibson Publisher Playwrights Canada Press
Puneet Dutt
donna g Host/Producer, The More the Merrier (arts coverage) CIUT 88.5 FM University of Toronto Campus and Community Radio
Gordon Gingras Arts Worker AGO
Jef Kearns Musician
Nancy Savoie Cinema Student
Nina Gandolfo Visual artist
Chuck Dailey Touring musician and stage production manager I Mother Earth, David Wilcox, The Barenaked Ladies
Julianne Kelly Supporter of artists
Gillian Turnbull Writer Ethnomusicologist and Instructor
Carrie Brothers Child who is a dancer
Kevin Howley Musician/Songwriter/Producer Howley Sounds
Tawsha Murray
David James Allen Songwriter, Performer
Razan Eseifan Photographer and Student Ryerson University
Jordan Peckham Theatre Actor, Dancer, Singer, Film PA
Roz Hermant I am a visual artist
Adrienne Ramsay
Theresa Martin Patron of the Arts
Christian Anderson I’m a Filmmaker and Writer Little Drum Inc
Cael Milbourne
Kayla Lakhani I’m an actor, writer, creator Film/Television/Theatre
Lauren Vandenbrook Actor, Director & Visual Artist
Susan lepp Appreciation
Terri Fan All
Andrew Lauzon Music producer, composer, performer Audio Geek Music & Sound
Blair Kay Mixed Media Creator and Patron Self-employed
Alison Carson Drama teacher, dancer and parent HDSB
Don Scott Musician, educator Self-employed
Ashley Bailey Teacher Guidance Counsellor TMS School
Emma Cole Copyeditor and proofreader in the publishing industry Stet Editorial
Scott White Performer/Writer/Director in the Arts in Canada Self-Employed Artist
Laura Sorbara Fibre artist
Myra Groenewegen Art lover
Jennifer Tran Musician, Educator — Classical Saxophonist aksəs quartet, Dialectica Saxophone Quartet, Canada Music Academy
Susan Hay I would like to say 'supporter', but truly it is the presence of arts and culture which support me through life.
Dr. Justin Massey I am a saxophonist, composer, sound engineer, and teacher
Sam Kaplun I’ve done musical theatre for many years and I also highly value the arts in general
Erika Morey Theatre Artist, Board Member Canadian Actor's Equity Association
Monica Rodriguez Knox I am an actor/artist Actor/Artist
Owen Kurtz Musician and filmmaker
Chase Lo interdisciplinary artist in dance/theatre
Mutant 101 Freelance Artist mutant101.com
Joshua Layton I participate in arts and culture and many friends work in the sector
Audrey Clairman Actor
Sherren Lee Filmmaker Sunday Afternoon Productions
Jasmin Mozaffari I work as a filmmaker in Toronto. Writer / Director for film and tv
Adam Bischoff Employed as a graphic designer, previously worked for arts organizations and in the film industry Graphic Designer/RallyRally
Dylan Dubé Toronto based filmmaker
Simone Smith Film & Television Picture Editor
Lucy Hill Actor, writer
Tricia Hagoriles I’m a filmmaker based in Toronto with previous experience in post-production. My career wouldn’t be possible without the support of festivals and programs from the arts and culture sector. Filmmaker
Caitlynn Fairbarns artist
Candice Dixon Film student Student/Sheridan College
Sophie Paas-Lang comic artist, illustrator, book designer
Luis De Filippis Filmmaker Fra Diavolo films
Emily Ryder Film and television student Student at Sheridan College
Getenesh Berhe Actor
Jason Aita Producer
Emma Doyle Career long working artist and designer Costume/ Fashion Designer
Annelise Hawrylak Actor, musician,m Contributor/indie arts coalition
Tea Nguyen
Bruna Nota an keen patron
Donald Feldman
Bev Katz Rosenbaum Author
Jody Berland Professor, performer, collector, listener, fan York University
Vera Santillana friends and family in the arts, sister is a talent agent
Sara Valade
Meghan Caine Theatre performer, musician and creator based in Toronto
Joel Bartczak Envious of anyone with musical talent
Janine Zend many artist friends, husband was a multi media writer and artist writer
Shirley Bush Have loved for a lifetime and am over 80 ROM and Art Gallery
Jennifer MacLachlan Supporter
Terry Bujokas Patron of the arts and wife of an artist
Jennifer Hicks I study & teach creative movement to adults with dementia. Artist, Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy
Brenda MacIntyre Indigenous Recording & Performing Artist, Motivational Speaker with disabilities Medicine Song Woman Creations
Pudy Tong Fine art printer Open Studio
Chloe Crawford It's my whole life
Mimi Mekler Theatre artist
Lisa Hickey Artist
Shayne Hontiveros Freelance Editor / Assistant Editor
Isabel Martins Theatre Arts Worker/Clay Artist Ms.
Guillermo Verdecchia Theatre-maker
Collette Radau Performer/Dramaturg/Director/Artsworker
Sharon Zeiler Consumer of arts and culture
Dorothy Lichtblau Arts-based teacher; arts reviewer; writer Founder Moon In June Productions
Kerry Potts Audience member, former Arts Administrator and Producer Ms.
Amanda Davis Dance Artist and Dance Educator
Candida Paltiel Filmmaker
Marny Gibson Supporter Retired Teacher
Kimberly Kay Own a dance studop Dimensions in Dance
Jim Gibbons I have a sibling who is in the sector working for a living Works independently
Randi Helmers I am an actor, singer, painter and writer Dots Bitove Wellness Academy
Bronwyn Best An editor and theatre goer Heiwa Business International
Julia Armstrong chorister, concertgoer, board member
Margarita Valderrama Medina Actor, writer, producer Freelance
Emily Dyck Props Builder for Theatre and Film Props Builder of Iatse 828, Full Member and Painter of Iatse 873, Permit
Maral Agnerian Visual Artist, Costumer, and Dancer
Deborah Perry I am a professional actor (also work as an admin assistant)
Aimee Bouchard Arts administrator, artist educator, theatre creator
Sarah Yuen Set and Costume Designer
Rachel Phan
Paige Madsen Actor
Isabelle Ellis Actor and Playwright
Alyssa Pothier Actor, director, playwright. Co-Artistic director. Panoply Classical Collective.
Charlotte Anderson I am a patron of the arts
Jim Christiansen Art Addict
Lindsay Jenner Costume Designer
Liz Johnston Writer and Editor Brick magazine
James Arruda I am a consumer of local arts
Leah Oates Artist and Independent Curator Director @ Station Independent Projects
Susan Wayne Choir member, audience member, supporter
Elisabeth Shipman Writer, performer, event coordinator
Tina Fushell I am an arts worker I am an independent dance artist, producer, teacher, maker and curator.
Kathleen Sullivan patron
Rosemary Meier Upper Canada Choristers; Tafelmusik;Tarragon theatre; textile museum; AGO; ROM Supporter;participant;Grandmother
Robyn Breen Independent dance artist / and Co-Artistic Director Toronto Dance Community Love-In
Cherie Miller Appreciate art Ms
Michael Colin Jones Performer
Elizabeth Ryerson Patron
Margaret Smith Appreciative member of audiences, subscriber to Soul Pepper