Jill Andrew MPP, Toronto–St. Paul's

Government of Ontario

Petition for the naming of laneway after Evelyn Green

Evelyn Green bought her house on Arlington Avenue in 1972, where she raised her two children Paula and Jason. She made this community her home for over 50 years, and spent countless hours volunteering at Castleview Wychwood Towers, and with St. Clair West Senior Services. She also acted as a Homestay host for international students, and was recognized as a Cultural Ambassador of Canada.

She was a graduate of Ryerson University in 1974, and also worked as a civil servant, where in 1993 she was recognized for 25 years of service by the Canadian Government.

She was a loving mother and grandmother. Her contributions to this community have been immeasurable, and sadly on May 23, 2020 she passed away. As a result of the pandemic, her family was unable to hold the funeral service that she deserved and was only able to have a small number of people in attendance. But we want to make sure that Evelyn Green is honoured for her life, her contributions to this community, and for what she meant to so many.

So today, we are asking that the City of Toronto rename the laneway that runs behind her home parallel to Arlington Ave, “Evelyn Green Lane”. Sign your name here.