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Daily Update - Coronavirus - March 19, 2020

Published on March 19, 2020

MPP Jill Andrew Daily Bulletin – March 19, 2020

Dear Friends,

Today we’re another day along into the COVID-19 global pandemic, and I want to start by sending another thank you to all front line workers in our province who are keeping our essential services going. From our health care staff to workers in grocery stores – I want to send my sincere appreciation to all of you. I know that our community stands with all frontline workers and shares my gratitude.

Each day we hear of more inspiring stories of people coming together and supporting one another in these dark days, and I would reiterate my call to anyone who is able to support the vulnerable members of our community that you continue to do so - while taking all necessary precautions and social distancing.

We’re going to see this through, together.

Stay positive, stay safe and stay calm.



MPP Jill Andrew Daily Bulletin – March 19, 2020


Today, the Ontario Legislature returned in a skeleton form to pass two pieces of emergency Legislation.

  • The first piece of legislation will allow our City Council’s across Ontario to meet remotely, so that they can continue to do the work that they need to safely.
  • Second, the Ontario government has passed an amendment to the Employment Standards Act that mandates employees cannot be forced to produce a sick note to miss work, and implementing expanded protections for workers who need to miss work.
Protections for Tenants
  • The Provincial government has announced a freeze on all evictions. If your landlord is not respecting this order - please contact our office. 

Federal Update

The Federal government has begun to unveil the framework of their financial aid package – including where you can apply for funds should you be in need. These funds are due to start rolling out to Canadians in the next 2-3 weeks.

You can find the details on how to apply for EI here:

More information on Federal supports: 

Canada-U.S. Border Closure

It has been announced that the Canada-U.S. border will be closing to all non-essential travel, likely starting Friday night into Saturday morning. 

What this means:
  • If you are a Canadian resident returning home - you will still be able to cross the border. 
  • Trade will also continue, and commercial vehicles will be able to cross the border.
  • This means that you will no longer be able to cross the border for any recreational or tourist purpose.
Where to get updates on Coronavirus

For accurate information on COVID-19 - Public Health Agencies are the best sources.

Find them here:
Canadian Public Health

Ontario Ministry of Health

Toronto Public Health 
You can also find daily updates on my website