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Monday Update - Coronavirus - July 6, 2020

Published on July 6, 2020

Dear Community,

 While we are currently facing a global health crisis, sadly, we could be in for more health crisis’ in our future if governments don’t start taking meaningful steps towards combating climate change. In fact, many health experts say that climate change will have immense health impacts in our province moving forward, with events ranging from flooding and wildfires to new diseases and mental health distress caused by climate-related displacement.

We are already seeing the vast impacts of climate change, and while we need to get through COVID-19, we also need to look to the future and the other issues that we need to tackle.

Let’s hope that we’ve learned some lessons from COVID-19 about working together to fundamentally adjust our world to address a common challenge. If we put the same urgency into climate change, we will be well on our way to defeating climate change.

In that vein, today my colleagues, MPPs Bhutila Karpoche our Official Opposition mental health and addictions critic and Peter Tabuns climate crisis and energy critic have introduced a bill that would require the government to be prepared to address current and future health impacts of climate change. The Climate Crisis Health Protection Plan Act is a forward-thinking piece of legislation that would have an immediate impact on many marginalized communities across Ontario, who are often the most severely impacting by climate change. Among other things, the bill would mandate the creation of both a Climate Crisis and Health Secretariat to develop and implement an action plan, and a science advisory board to provide exert guidance. 

I am proud to support this legislation – let’s hope that we see support from the government as well.

Today me and my colleagues are calling to see supports for parents when school returns in the fall. As is stands, many parents are nervous about what their lives will look like when school returns. And we still do not know what schooling will look like amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There is still even a chance that we won’t be able to open schools – and if that’s the case how can we expect parents to get back to work?

I am calling on the government to enact an immediate action plan to prepare for the various scenarios that could be facing us in September. The plan needs to include guarantees that parents will be able to access paid, job-protected leave until school and child care fully resumes, hiring more teachers and education workers to allow for smaller classes, and immediate funding to stabilize the child care sector to prevent fee increases and layoffs.

Sadly, we have yet to see much guidance from the government since they released vague instructions to our school boards on June 19. This government needs to be thinking and operating proactively on this file, or we could see many families and students suffering when school resumes. A great first step, would be taking a look at the proposal that we’ve presented today. You can read more about it here.

In other education news, it has been announced that Ontario will be ending streaming in Grade nine – and will be addressing other “racist, discriminatory practices”. While congratulations are in order for everyone who has been a part of the fight to end streaming, it also must be noted that streaming starts long before grade nine and we need this to be more comprehensive than has been announced so far.

As an educator and education worker myself, I’m also sending a clear message to the province on this file. We are watching. Words are not enough and until we see these words become real action – we will not relent.

In St. Paul's rent has been an ongoing area of concern for many. The government Bill 184 has only made life harder for tenants. Knowing your rights as a tenant is incredibly important, and I am excited to let everyone know about an event that is happening this Thursday, where you can learn more about your rights as a tenant in Ontario. Toronto ACORN is hosting a “Tenants Rights Information Session” this Thursday July 9th at 6:30PM. They will be covering several topics around renters’ rights and will be answering questions and opening the floor to discussion after each section. You can RSVP for the online event by emailing GTAinfo@acorncanada.org or calling 416-651-9233.

You can check out the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/618970682054477/

In Ontario, for the first time in months, we have seen no new COVID-19 related deaths today. While this is a positive development, we must also acknowledge that we’ve also found 154 new cases today. We are doing a good job as a community battling COVID-19, but we need to keep working together to truly put this pandemic behind us.

Across the world, we are seeing new outbreaks emerge in places that have reopened too early following closures. It is vital that as we continue to reopen that everyone takes every possible precaution. That means washing our hands regularly, wearing a mask in public and keeping at least 2 metres apart from anyone who is not in your bubble. Working together is the only path forward, and we’ve done an admirable job so far.

We can’t waste all that work by losing focus now – keep those masks on and remember physical distancing doesn't have to mean emotional distance. We can stay close to our loved ones we just have to do it differently. 
Take good care everyone. I'm back in the legislature tomorrow eager to continue fighting for you.

In sol,


P.S. Ben Nobleman Park has an incredible community, and today I’m sharing with you their new blog as well as a podcast interview that touches on the park and more! You can read the blog posts here and here, and listen to the podcast here.

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Calling Local Artists
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Today's News

 are today’s new developments: 

  • The Windsor-Essex region communities of Leamington and Kingsville--the last in Ontario held back from entering Stage Two of reopening due to outbreaks among migrant workers--will enter Stage Two tomorrow. Ford has been all over the map in his response to the ongoing migrant worker crisis, with no clear plan to protect workers. We have been pushing the government to give migrant workers proper sick pay and safe accommodation.

Solutions we’re pushing for:

  • During question period today,  Andrea Horwath said Doug Ford allowing asymptomatic, COVID-19-positive migrant farm workers to continue working is inhumane, and criticized Ford's misleading claims that workers who self-isolate will still be paid. “The majority of workers will not be paid under the current system, which also fails to protect farmers from critical labour shortages,” Horwath said.
  • Marit Stiles and Doly Begum say the Ford government’s instructions for schools’ reopening post-COVID are vague, leaving parents and educators anxious and unsure of what to expect. We want the government to implement an action plan that includes guaranteed access to job-protected leave for parents until school and child care fully resume.  

Featured Community Art Submission

Andie Ang

Superhero Doctor

I am a 12 year old girl that lives in Toronto. During this pandemic, healthcare workers have been selflessly and tirelessly risking their lives in order to save others. They definitely deserve to be called superheroes during this difficult time. I believe this sketch is a literal example of #ArtsSavesLives!
Andie Ang

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