Jill Andrew MPP, Toronto–St. Paul's

Government of Ontario

Horwath’s NDP the only choice to stop Doug Ford and bring change for the better

Published on June 7, 2018

On election day in Ontario, everyday people are coming together to choose hope by voting for Andrea Horwath and the NDP – knowing that they are only thing standing in the way of Doug Ford’s painful cuts, privatization and corruption.

People across the province are asking themselves: Who will be the best premier for their family – and who will cut? Who do they trust making decisions that affect their kids’ future? And who can they count on to improve health care and education? The only answer is Horwath and the NDP.

“Something truly special has been happening in Ontario,” said Horwath. “Now, we’re closer than ever to the kind of changes that will make life better for millions of Ontarians. We’re close to finally fixing seniors care, ending hallway medicine and making life more affordable with lower hydro bills. Repairs to our children’s schools and dental care for everyone are right around the corner. But to get there, we have to stop Doug Ford.”

Horwath has committed to protect middle class families, and pay for her commitments with a personal income tax increase of one percentage point on amounts earned over $220,000 and two percentage points on amounts earned over $300,000.

Ford, on the other hand, has not released a platform or any costing information, and has promised at least $6 billion in cuts. In order to do that, thousands of nurses and teachers would be laid off, services would be cut and costs for everyday families would be hiked.

“I’m asking everyone, no matter where you live or who you’ve voted for in the past, to join us,” Horwath said. “A province where everyone pays less for hydro, where no one skips their medication because they can’t afford it and where there’s less debt and more opportunities for students is not just a dream – it’s my plan.

“I want people to win this election. Together, we can.”

Horwath’s fully-costed platform includes:

  • Ending hallway medicine and fixing seniors care
  • Providing drug and dental coverage for everyone
  • Lowering hydro bills by 30 per cent
  • Creating thousands of student co-op jobs and internships
  • Asking the very richest people and very richest corporations to pay a little more to make it all happen