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Government of Ontario

Horwath responds to Ford’s tweet naming neo-Nazi sympathizer Goldy

Published on September 26, 2018

Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath released the following statement in response to a social media post from Doug Ford, in which he finally addresses Faith Goldy, a mayoral candidate with ties to white supremacy and neo-Nazi organizations, with whom Ford was photographed last weekend.

"For four days, we’ve asked Doug Ford to unequivocally denounce Faith Goldy and her campaign for mayor, state clearly that the views she spouts are abhorrent, and clarify that her de facto claims to have his endorsement are wrong. Today's tweet from Mr. Ford, following four days of denial, falls short for many in Ontario. In fact, it fell short enough that Goldy herself responded to Ford on Twitter to agree with him. We’re asking Mr. Ford to take a stand: tell people that he considers Faith Goldy’s views to be vile racism, that he is unequivocally not endorsing her campaign for mayor of Toronto, and that her use of his name in a robocall is wrong, and has to stop.”