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Community News Update - August 17th

Published on August 17, 2020

Dear Community,
Over the weekend, our community saw two competing rallies in the Yonge and Eglinton area in response to the shelters that are currently operating in Midtown. Candidly, it is concerning to see these divisions growing in our community.
I have seen very troubling rhetoric being thrown around about shelter residents. I have also seen a desire from our community to ensure that we get the resources that will ensure that every member of our community – those experiencing homelessness and those who are not can live safely.
As your provincial representative, I am calling on the Ford government to step up the funding so that we can have the on-site services that people need. Everyone needs a home, and while I understand that there are concerns, fighting the housing crisis is up to all of us. Every night, there are thousands of Torontonians with nowhere to go, so let’s stay focused on the true goal here – eradicating poverty - and ensuring that mental health resources are plentiful and available and doing so through non-violence and with an equity lens.
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen many studies that show that women have been disproportionately impacted. Women have been on the frontlines in healthcare settings, and women have also been forced into doing unwaged domestic labour, as childcare centres and schools closed across Ontario.
The problems that we’re seeing now have been exacerbated by the long-standing issues that have hurt women for years – especially the wage gap. The fact that women make less on average than men for the same work has meant that the burden of childcare during COVID-19 has largely fallen on us. While these impacts are hurting women right now, there is increasing concern that these challenges will ripple through the economy for many years to come. We have an opportunity to get out in front of this. Frustratingly, we have yet to see this government make any effort act on this issue in any substantive way.
As the Women’s Issues Critic, I assure you that I will continue to advocate for women across Ontario. If you are with me please sign our petition here. When I’m back in the legislature in September, I’ll be standing for us!
A first step that the Ford government could take to help the women of Ontario would be to fix the mess his government has made of the school reopening plan. Day after day we are told that the government is making a slight adjustment here, and another small adjustment there, without addressing the central issue – that they are not providing enough funding to open schools safely.
We need real dollars to hire more teachers and other staff to ensure that education in Ontario is being delivered safely - not a half-baked plan that is leaving parents, guardians and community members confused and angry.
Today, Andrea Horwath laid out clearly that overcrowding is one of the biggest issues that we are going to face, by bringing a school bus to Queen’s Park. For those who do not know, there is no plan for social distancing on our school busses. In other words school buses can be at full capacity. If we can’t even get our kids to and from school safely, how can we even begin the conversation about safety in the classroom.
In response to this, I am excited to announce that in one week (August 24th), I will be hosting an Education 1-on-1 with our Education Critic Marit Stiles on a live stream to answer your questions about the so-called reopening plan. I will be releasing more information about this event tomorrow – and I hope that you can join us!

In Solidarity,

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