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Daily Update - Coronavirus - April 30, 2020

Published on April 30, 2020

Dear Community, 
While the weather outside continues to grow warmer, it continues to be our duty to make sure that we’re staying inside and following all of the physical distancing protocols put in place by our public health experts. We need to be staying inside as much as we can, washing our hands regularly, and making sure we avoid touching our faces. And remember, we will get there! We just need to keep our eyes on the prize and that is to flatten the curve of COVID-19.
With safety in mind, I want to share with you some information that we came across in The Toronto Star. The Star reported recently that in every instance where workers across the province have refused unsafe work, and demanded an inspection from the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Labour has overruled the workers.
This is incredibly concerning to hear, especially when we consider that in many of these cases, no on-site inspections were performed. While we’re now on the path to planning the reopening of our economy it is absolutely vital that workers are able to perform their jobs safely. No one should have to decide between keeping their job and coming home safe and healthy.
One key facet to making sure that everyone is able to be safe in their workplace is creating enforceable rules around health and safety. It is imperative that we don’t just have loose guidelines, but rather clearly delineated rules that can be clearly enforced by the Ministry of Labour. 
In fact, one of the issues that is emerging from the Long-Term Care crisis we’re currently facing is that many of these facilities were at extra risk due to not conforming with health and safety guidelines. If these regulations had been enshrined and enforceable, many LTC facilities would have been in better positions to respond to COVID-19.
Ontario cannot have these gaps again.  Better rules must be enforced as we embark on reopening our economy. We also must have proper testing measures in place. We need much more testing on a daily basis. If testing does not happen at the rate it needs to we cannot have access to the best possible picture of how this virus is impacting our communities across Ontario.
Next, I want to invite everyone to participate in my Education Town Hall this Saturday at 6:30PM on Facebook Live! I will be joined by both of the School Board Trustees who represent Toronto-St. Paul’s, Shelley Laskin and Norm Di Pasquale, as well as by the Official Opposition Education Critic, Marit Stiles. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our education system  – and I’m grateful to be able to share both our provincial and local insight on education, learning and coping during COVID-19 with you all.
If you would like to submit a question, please email my office at JAndrew-CO@ndp.on.ca with “Education Question” in the subject line!

In solidarity,

Jill Andrew

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Calling Local Artists
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News and Updates 
Here are today’s new developments:
  • Canadian restaurant owners are among the many businesses struggling to stay afloat right now, with some predicting that the ongoing stress and uncertainty will lead to closures even after restrictions are lifted -- the NDP has been calling for a major commercial rent relief program, and has echoed calls from business owners who say the federal government’s rent relief program — which Doug Ford believes is enough — is not good enough.
  • Despite Doug Ford’s insistence that the province has enough personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers, reports out of long-term care facilities indicate that workers aren’t given the PPE they need, and PSWs may continue to face pressure from employers to work without proper protections. The union representing the second PSW to die of COVID-19 in Ontario, Arlene Reid, said PPE protocols and government directives have “insufficiently protected PSWs” in home care, long-term care and hospital settings -- The NDP has been calling for a new strategy to protect residents and staff in long-term care.
Here are some concerns the NDP is working on, and solutions we’re pushing for:  "If the Ford government wanted to give drivers a break, they could do it today. Instead, Ford continues to let insurers take drivers for a ride," said NDP Auto Insurance critic Tom Rakocevic. Here are some things we’re hearing from our community members: 


Featured Art Submission

Journal (song)

By: Robert Webber

As the pandemic was ramping up a few weeks ago I started writing my thoughts about our changing world in a journal. My wife and I went into self isolation ( we were lucky enough to be able to do so ). From these thoughts I wrote this song simply called " Journal ". I hope it might provide some comfort to the community as we stand together in fighting this silent enemy.