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Appointment of Ford friend raises concerns about fate of Ontario Place

Published on January 7, 2019

Chris Glover, NDP MPP for Spadina-Fort York, released the following statement in response to the appointment of James Ginou as chair of the Ontario Place board:

“The NDP is deeply concerned about the fate of Ontario Place following the appointment of Ford friend, ally and Conservative fundraiser James Ginou to be the chair of its board. This is just the latest Ford-insider appointment, and it comes at a critical time with the cherished waterfront site slated for revitalization.

During his time as a city councillor, Doug Ford mused about building a megamall on the waterfront. Then, we learned that he was working with an Australian mega-mall corporation.

Especially concerning is Ginou’s comment to QP Briefing that, ‘Because it has to be rebuilt, it can be rebuilt in any way that Ford wants it to be rebuilt.’

Much like Doug Ford has meddled in Hydro One, OPG and the OPP, he again appears to be intent on meddling in Ontario Place. People deserve better than Doug Ford’s backroom deals with developers and schemes for casinos, Ferris wheels and megamalls.

This is not Doug Ford's private property. Ontario Place was built and paid for by the people of Ontario to celebrate this great province. The people of Ontario should be consulted about their vision for the space.”